In both EMPERTEC Inter-phase workshop (EIW) and ToT workshop envisaged by United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and International Labour Organisation (ILO) respectively, officers of the Department of Industries and Commerce in Government of Kerala participated. EIW was a three-phase workshop in the development of the said officers as mentors who could train young people by identifying their entrepreneurial skills and moulding it through behavioural approach. It is to be noted that the lack of competent guides and guidelines is the reason for the wastage of young talents in the state. If there are competent guides to advise and nurture talented youths, it would boost the entrepreneurship. The first step that KIED has taken in the fulfilment of its mission is to fill the absence of qualified trainers and mentors. Both the programs were successful steps in that direction.

SIYB: Setting people for the Task

Association with International Labour Organisation was vital in devising another important programme for budding entrepreneurs. This was called SIYB (Start and Improve Your Business). The focus of SIYB was the economy in transition both in the nation and in the state. What would be opportunities created by the newer economic policies? What would be the demands in the market? On the basis of these questions, mentors and trainers selected through EIW and ToT programs gave training to budding entrepreneurs about starting a new venture by locating the needs and demands in the market as well as improving it by optimising their productivity.

Making the Most of the Current Pool

KIED has been instrumental in giving maximum exposure to the officers in the Department of Industries and Commerce so as to upgrade their skills. It has conducted WPEC (Workshop on personal entrepreneurial characteristics) awareness classes for Entrepreneurship Development clubs and orientation programs. Every year, KIED conducts Induction Training for Industries Extension Officers of the Department for a duration of 4 and a half month. KIED has associated with National Institute for Micro Small and Medium Enterprises, headquartered in Hyderabad. Besides, KIED is giving refresher training programs to the Middle-Level Officers for the enhancement of their proficiency. KIED also conducts training programs sponsored by KSIDC, Women Development Corporation, and Coir Board, ANERT.

All these programs are mainly aimed at the enhancement of the skill of all level entrepreneurs in small-scale and medium enterprises.


  • Skill Development Programme for Tribal Women, Kozhikode District District wise Entrepreneurship Development Training Programme for Women
  • District wise Entrepreneurship Development Training Programme for Widows.
  • Workshop on Personnel Entrepreneurial Competencies (WPEC) for ED Club Students & Co-ordinators.
  • Refresher Training to Industries Department officers
  • Etiquette Training to Industries Department Officers Job Induction Training to Industries Extension Officers
  • Handloom Short Term Training for Cooperative Inspectors Handloom Training to Inspectors
  • ANERT Urja Mithra Training Programme for Entrepreneurs.
  • Entrepreneurship Development Training for Colleges.