The present office of KIED is extended in blocks and wings and is equipped with library and tool so as to optimise its function. The office is located in a land of 3 acres and 8 centres in Thrikkakkara Village of Kanayannur Taluk in the district of Ernakulam. The office is bifurcated into Academic and Accommodation Blocks.

The Academic Block

The academic block is a two-storey building in a plinth area of 1571.80 m2. The block houses :

  • Two fully air-conditioned lecture halls with multimedia teaching aids, including LCD projector, collar mic, laptops, etc. The lecture halls are used for training programs and workshops conducted by KIED.
  • A computer lab with 20 desktop computers, two laptops and three printers. The lab fulfils the need for computer-based training programs as well as data-processing requirements.
  • State-of-the-art library with training manuals and aids which better suit the training requirements of KIED. The library has a collection of 233 books on Management, Entrepreneurship, Training and service.
  • A Seminar Hall with a comfortable seating arrangement for 50 persons is located on the ground floor of the institute.
  • Administrative wing: The administrative wing consists of office of the CEO and Executive director and one office room.

Accommodation Block

The accommodation block is a two-storey building in a plinth area of 1004.62 m2 which would provide shelter for trainees. The accommodation block has 15 rooms or lodging 46 trainers. The block also consists of a recreational area with a TV room and a space for indoor games like caroms and chess. In the courtyard of the building, there is a marked out space for shuttle court for the recreational needs of trainees.