About KIED

Kerala Institute for Entrepreneurship Development (KIED), was born out of a unique situation in the state of Kerala. On the one hand, the state has a pool of amazingly skilful and educated young talents. On the other hand, our small state does not have as many opportunities for them to flourish. So, one of the challenges that face is brain drain, the problem of emigration of talented and qualified people to foreign countries. We train people to invest their resources and skill in the state. This, we hope, will spur the growth of the industrial sector, which will create employment and channelise growth in the future.

Promoted by the Government of India and Government of Kerala and registered under the Travancore-Cochin Literacy, Scientific and Charitable Societies Registration Act, KIED aims to provide Human Resources Development in the area of entrepreneurship development.


KIED was established as an autonomous body of the Government of Kerala on 26th November 2005. It aimed to promote the spirit and culture of entrepreneurship among the youth of Kerala by giving them orientation in Human Resources Development and training in skill development and leadership. Initially, the institute was centred in Thiruvananthapuram and was later shifted to Seaport Airport Road in Kalamassery, a rapidly flourishing industrial hub in the state, which sandwiches both the ports and is located nearby Gail India Limited, Hindustan Machine Tools, Infopark, and Nest Special Economic Zone for IT. The location is ideal for the institute, on account of a large number of migrant labourers in the region.


Ever since its establishment, KIED has been successful in networking with International and national bodies running with the same purpose. KIED has associated with the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and International Labour Organisation (ILO). KIED has conducted EMPERTEC Inter-phase workshop of UNCTAD and ToT course (Training for Trainers) and SIYB (Start and Improve your Business) of ILO.